Just south of the formidable Pigeon Island National Landmark, Venance Grand-yer awaits. Perched on hill top overlooking the Caribbean ocean, Atlantic Ocean  and Rodney Bay Marina is paradise found. With breathtaking ocean views, a walk to white sand beaches and countless amenities Venance Grand-yer serves as your escape from the every day. Find adventure, serenity and the fullness of life at our island resort. Make Venance Grand-yer your next stop.

ports, bays, inlets and tiny villages, St. Lucia offers something for everyone. From the unique sites of Pitons to the sidewalk cafes and amazing dive sites, from steamy Calypso to funky Reggae, from hiking to sunbathing, and from parasailing to horseback riding, the island truly does “have it all”.

Nestled among the Caribbean Islands, is the island of St. Lucia. This island paradise represents more than 350 years of peaceful coexistence between France and the England.

Considered the Helen of the West Indies, she has been fought over for fourteen years by these two naval powers only to be finally controlled by the British. A vacation spot of choice to people from more than eighty nations, St. Lucia features a unique blend of European chic and Caribbean charm. The island offers two hundred and thirty eight square miles of Caribbean bliss. With no less than thirty-seven beaches, amazing restaurants, various night clubs, bars and boutiques, 

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